Virginia Pediatric and Adolescent Center
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Pregnancy and Postpartum Information for Moms

Please see News for New Moms' Group meetings!  See Nutrition links for breastfeeding resources. 

Postpartum anxiety or depressive symptoms are very common among new mothers, and those symptoms are important to identify and take care of.  If you are worrying a lot, are feeling sad or crying a lot, are having trouble concentrating or sleeping, are feeling emotionally numb, are feeling excessively tired; or if you are not interested in your baby or things you used to enjoy, are worried you might hurt your baby or yourself, are feeling worthless or guilty, or are withdrawing from other people, please talk to your doctor (your obstetrician or your primary care doctor) or your child's pediatrician as soon as possible!  Postpartum depression support groups (free, peer-led support groups led by women who have survived postpartum depression; group leaders available for telephone support and can also provide information about mental health professionals who have experience treating women with postpartum mood disorders; please contact the support group leader for more information):

Arlington (Virginia Hospital Center):  2nd and 4th Wednesday mornings each month; Adrienne Griffen, 703-243-2904.

Fairfax (Fair Oaks Hospital):  1st and 3rd Tuesday each month; Benta Sims 703-536-9469.

Loudon County (Loudoun Hospital):  2nd and 4th Monday evenings each month; Natalie Griffin, 703-858-8941.

Washington, D.C. (St. David's Episcopal Church):  2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each month; Bonnie Hershberg, 703-533-9683.

Groups sponsored by Postpartum Support International of Virginia and Postpartum Support International of Washington, D.C.