Virginia Pediatric and Adolescent Center
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How are prescription refills handled by the practice?


In an effort to handle the ever-increasing volume of prescription refill requests, Virginia Pediatric & Adolescent Center began processing prescription refill requests exclusively through our website at beginning November 1, 2007. It is our goal that this system will streamline the refilling of prescriptions, avoid unnecessary mistakes in communication, and incur as little time and financial cost to the patient as possible. 

How to Request a Prescription Refill:

· Access our secure website at

· Upon accessing for first time, please go to "Create An Account". (This is required in order to make prescription refill requests).

· Go to "Prescription Renewals" for prescription refill requests and follow instructions

Processing of Refill Requests:

· Please allow three (3) working days for refill request processing

· We will give enough refills on all prescriptions whenever possible so that the family does not need to call in for refills frequently

· We will no longer be using the telephone refill request line

· We will no longer refill prescriptions in response to pharmacy faxes

· We discourage patients from walking into the office to request refills unless they do not have internet access

· We require conferences every 6 months for chronic issues such as Asthma, ADHD, Allergies, and Acne in order to continue to refill prescriptions for these conditions


· There will be a $8 charge for each prescription refill to cover time and administrative costs in processing requests

· No charge will be made for refills done at the time of an office visit

· Refill requests for siblings at the time of an office visit will be directed to our website

· We will call or fax prescription requests to the pharmacy whenever possible

· Prescriptions will be mailed to patient’s home at no charge if family wishes, or when the prescription is for a controlled substance such as Ritalin.